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Baby is teething: how can I alleviate the pain?

How can I alleviate the pain for baby during teething ?

Natural and temporary, teething does not require consulting your physician. It is possible to soothe a fever with paracetamol, or maybe some ibuprofen for children over 3 months, sticking the recommended dose and provided there is no counter-indication from the doctor. There are also a few things you can do to alleviate baby’s pain:

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Guide: How to choose a car seat for the little one

Buying baby’s car seat is no trivial matter. Without a specially adapted car seat, the little ones are subject to the slightest chocs, which can have dramatic effects. That, or you are condemned to not have your child travel by car, ever. None of these options sound good do they? So here are a few pointers to help you choose the best type of car seat for your child, according to his or her’s size and age. We’ve also selected a few models that you can purchase with a mamas and papas Voucher Code, because we know the choices and prices can be overwhelming.

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The mirror phase: an essential step for baby

As he grows, your child will learn many things on his environment and close ones. But there will come a time when he will take conscience of his individuality by recognising himself in the mirror. How doest this stage develop? What is its importance? Let’s have a look…

Mirror phase: When baby bonds with mum

Very young, a baby is not really conscious of his body, he is still bonding with his mother’s, without seeing a real distinction. When he moves his limbs, he is not really conscious that they are his, and they appear more like funny toys.

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